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Driven engineering firm providing solutions to real-world problems

We are a uniquely driven engineering firm serving the defense, aerospace, energy, health care, and industrial markets. Our research and development efforts focus on our core competency areas –sensors, coatings, functional materials, green technology, renewable energy and biomedical diagnostics– to develop and commercialize technology. Our experienced technical staff have customized and integrated our technology to fit a particular need – from hydrophobic coatings for shoes and fabrics to CO2 sensors for space and subsurface. We do not just develop technology –we provide solutions.


InnoSense LLC was cofounded by Dr. Kisholoy Goswami, who commercialized the world's first fiber-optic chemical sensor and holds eleven U.S. patents. Since our operations moved to the current industrial park location in Torrance, CA in 2004, our technologies have attracted clients in the federal arena and the public sector to fuel our growth.

We hire engineering professionals for their experience and aptitude in our core areas of concentration, then give them free rein to research topics within those areas. InnoSense engineers and technical staff work in well-equipped laboratories in a recently expanded 11,400-square-foot facility in Torrance, California.

Kisholoy Goswami, CEO, in front of InnoSense

Management Team

Kisholoy Goswami, PhD

President and CEO

Latika Datta

Chief Operating Officer

Uma Sampathkumaran, PhD

Vice President, R&D

Shanto Goswami, MBA

Vice President, Business Development

Corey Selman, MBA

Senior Product Engineer

Maksudul Alam, PhD

Director, Sensor Technologies

Lexi Donne, MS

Consultant, Business Development

Carol Cornell, MBA

Consultant, Business Development

Marie Todd

Manager, Grants and Contracts

Roxanne Wilson

Executive Assistant to the CEO

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Our growing list of clients and collaborators includes U.S. federal agencies, universities and research institutions, national laboratories, and commercialization partners.

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ISL facilities include 11,400 square feet of office, laboratory, and manufacturing space in an industrial park in Torrance, California, 20 miles southwest of Los Angeles International Airport. Personal computers and workstations are networked to a server incorporating state-of-the-art intelligent layered security.

In addition to standard Microsoft Office, Adobe, and other software, mechanical and optoelectronic design software is available to the engineering team, including SolidWorks Professional 2011. General numerical computing and data visualization tools such as MATLAB and MathCAD are installed in specific computer systems for use by engineers.

ISL facilities meet all required federal, state, and local environmental laws. Key laboratories at ISL include a large electronics laboratory, three test and measurement laboratories, five "wet" chemical facilities equipped with fully vented fume hoods, a clean room, spectroscopy facility, and machine shops. Electronic assembly benches allow for quick assembly of prototype devices. Fully functional LabVIEW tools are installed on many laboratory computers for automated data acquisition from instruments and cameras.

Processing laboratories are equipped with microscopes, chemical balances, hotplates, mixers, programmable ovens for materials processing, positioning benches, alignment equipment, digital oscilloscopes, and chemical and physical parameter test facilities with full sets of mechanical hardware.

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Kisholoy Goswami, PhD
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2531 West 237th Street, Suite 127
Torrance, CA 90505-5245

Telephone: 310-530-2011
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